These Terms and Conditions of Sale are those of BLANLAC, a Luxembourgish société à responsabilité limitée simplifiée, having its registered office at 106 Um Trenker - L-6962 Senningen - Duchy of Luxembourg, registered with the registre du commerce et des sociétés de Luxembourg under number B221452. Its EU VAT number is LU30009475. Its email contact detail is: info(at)BLANLAC.com.


BLANLAC items are exclusively intended to be sold to end consumers, natural persons or corporations, with the exclusion of all resellers or intermediaries acting on behalf of resellers. Consequently, the customer affirms that it is acting as the end consumer and does not intend to resell the BLANLAC items for commercial purposes.

BLANLAC may update the Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. You can view the applicable version of the Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time by clicking on the hyperlink labelled «Terms and conditions of sale». The Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable at the time of entering into the contract of sale are those which are binding on you.

In addition, for each purchase of items on the site, you will be requested to confirm your acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable at the date of your order. The said terms and conditions may be viewed prior to and at the moment when you are prompted to confirm that you accept them. To indicate your acceptance, you will need to check the box « I accept the Terms and Conditions ».


Our item offers and prices are valid as long as they remain visible on the site, subject to availability. Exceptionally, errors or changes may be made, especially in cases of simultaneous orders of the same items by several customers. If an item is unavailable after ordering, we will inform you of such unavailability by email.

BLANLAC shall not be liable if items are out of stock or unavailable for orders that have not yet been accepted by BLANLAC.

BLANLAC reserves the right to change the items offered on the site at any time and without any prior notice.

While every effort is made to ensure that the colour and design of the items in the photographs displayed on the site match those of the original items, variations may occur, in particular due to colour display constraints on your computer equipment. Consequently, BLANLAC shall not be held liable for any error or insubstantial inaccuracy in the photographs or graphic representations of the items included on the site. In the event of queries regarding the items, you may of course contact our Customer Service.


The site may be used to order a selection of BLANLAC items directly online via the Internet for delivery to the Duchy of Luxembourg, France (including the island of Corsica), Monaco, Germany, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands (excluding the Netherland Antilles and Aruba), Spain (excluding the Canary Islands), Portugal (excluding Azores Island and Madeira), Italy, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark and Sweden (see section «6. DELIVERY AND COLLECTION AREA »). 
Delivery to other countries is possible by contacting our Customer Service (info(at)blanlac.com).

The site does not permit the placing of special orders that notably consist in the creation of a new item that does not exist or is no longer in the BLANLAC collection, or the adaptation or customization of an item from our collection, and the manufacturing of the latter by BLANLAC.

3.1. Selecting items

You may at any time add items to your selection by clicking on «Add to bag», and choose to complete your order or continue shopping.

You may view your selection by clicking on the cart icon in the menu on the top right hand side, where photograph(s) of the item(s), colour and reference number(s), the quantity selected, unit price(s), and the subtotal for the selection will be displayed. You can also choose the country of delivery as a result the total amount payable. 

3.2. Order confirmation

Once you have selected the item(s), click on «Checkout securely» to begin the process of placing your order.

3.2.1. Confirmation of shipping method

You will be required to enter the delivery details needed to ship your order successfully: shipping country, title, surname, first name, phone number, delivery address. You will need to accept in their entirety the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Once you have completed this step, click «Continue».

3.2.2. Confirmation of payment method and payment of order

You will then be prompted to select a payment method and enter the relevant information.

You must carefully check that your selection, your shipping and billing addresses are correct before confirming your order and clicking on the payment button.

Once your credit card information are completed and validated, at this point the contract of sale is definitively formed.

For more information concerning payment methods, please refer to the section «4. Price – Methods of Payment Accepted» below.

When finished, your order is transmitted to BLANLAC for processing.

BLANLAC reserves the right to not accept any order placed by a customer with whom it has a dispute concerning a prior order, or if BLANLAC has reasonable cause to suspect that such customer has violated the Terms and Conditions of Sale, or is engaged in any fraudulent activity, or on any other legitimate grounds.

3.2.3. Confirmation of the order

You will subsequently receive an order summary by email. The acknowledgement of receipt will mention the total amount of the order, the essential characteristics, the quantity and the price of the items purchased.

We advise you to keep this acknowledgement of receipt as a hard copy or in an electronic format.


4.1. Price

The prices of the items are in EUR, inclusive of taxes. Except in the cases of reimbursement issued i) within the context of exercising the right of withdrawal or ii) due to lack of conformity and hidden defects, BLANLAC will not reimburse the VAT applied on the purchases made on the site (even in the event where the buyer, after receipt of the Items, re-exports them to a country located outside the European Union).

BLANLAC reserves the rights to amend the prices of the items on the site at any time and without any prior notice. Items are invoiced on the basis of a price list posted on the site at the time of your order, subject to the availability of the items ordered at this time.

All orders are payable in EUR and must be paid for immediately at the time of ordering. If any of the ordered items are unavailable (see Section 2. Types and availability of the proposed items), only the price of the available items will be charged.

4.2. Methods of Payment Accepted

BLANLAC accepts the payment via Stripe (Credit card payment via Stripe).

(a) When paying via Stripe, Clients must provide their credit card number, its expiry date and the three-digit security code on the back of their card. Credit card information is secured by Stripe;

(b) This information will never be used by BLANLAC for purposes other than completing Client orders, issuing refunds for returned items or notifying the relevant authorities in the event of fraudulent transactions on the e-shop;

(c) BLANLAC reserves the right to cancel any order or shipment if payment is refused by the Client’s credit card company.

4.2.2. BLANLAC reserves the right to refuse delivery or fulfilment of an order placed by Clients with outstanding balances on prior orders or with whom a payment dispute is pending.

4.2.3. BLANLAC reserves the right to prosecute any Client using or attempting to use fraudulent forms of payment.



However, you assume the risks (in particular regarding loss, theft or damage) relating to the delivered items from the moment they are delivered to the address specified when placing your order.


Items purchased on the site can be shipped only to the Duchy of Luxembourg, France (including the island of Corsica), Monaco, Germany, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands (excluding the Netherland Antilles and Aruba), Spain (excluding the Canary Islands), Portugal (excluding Azores Island and Madeira), Italy, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark and Sweden (see section «6. DELIVERY AND COLLECTION AREA»).

Delivery to other countries is possible by contacting our Customer Service (info(at)blanlac.com).

Notably for security reasons, BLANLAC shall not process any order for which a general delivery address, a P.O. box, or a Cedex address has been provided.

The items will be shipped to the delivery address specified when placing your order.

BLANLAC shall not be held liable in the event of late delivery for any reason and Clients shall not be entitled to compensation from BLANLAC.


You should check the packaging and ensure the items are in good condition before signing the delivery slip. Any issues or damage arising from shipping, such as damaged or missing items, must be noted on the delivery slip before being signed by the Client.

If a claim is not made within the 14-day limit, the item(s) delivered shall be considered as being in good condition and accepted by the Client.

No damaged or defective item may be exchanged before it is returned to and processed by BLANLAC, in the same condition in which it was delivered by the carrier and in its original packaging.

You must contact the Customer Service by email by clicking on the «Contacts» hyperlink. If the goods do not conform to your order or you are not satisfied with them, you may return them or ask for an exchange or a refund pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in section « 8. Right of Withdrawal – Returns, Exchanges and Refunds ».


The general refund policy of BLANLAC allows you to withdraw within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery of the items, without having to provide reasons and without having to pay any penalties. Beyond this time, you will no longer be able to exercise your right of withdrawal.

8.1. Modalities of exercising the right of withdrawal

You may also, within the 14-day withdrawal period indicated above, send to the following email address any other form of notification that clearly states your wish to withdraw: info(at)BLANLAC.COM

8.2. Consequence of the right of withdrawal

In the event the item does not comply with your order or in the context of your right of withdrawal, you may ask for an exchange or refund of the item(s) purchased under the conditions set out in Section 9 below.


9.1 Procedure of return

Clients have fifteen (14) days from the date of delivery of their order to make a return.

Clients may return the item(s) they do not want within this time period and at their own expense. Returns will only be accepted by BLANLAC if:

(a) Prior to any return, the Client has contacted BLANLAC about it by email at info(at)BLANLAC.com

(b) The returned item(s) are unused, unaltered, unwashed and undamaged;

(c) The returned item(s) are in their original packaging;

(d) The returned item(s) are sent in a single package.

BLANLAC reserves the right to refuse items from a single order if returned at different times.

If the return is made according to the above mentioned conditions, BLANLAC shall refund any amounts already charged to the Client upon receipt of the items (excluding shipping fees).

Any amounts due shall be refunded as quickly as possible and within thirty (30) working days of the date the Client notifies BLANLAC of the return regardless of the payment way used.

9.2 Refund

9.2.1. General process

Please note that your bank may take up to ten (10) business days to issue a refund to your card, depending on processing times. This may vary among card issuers; we have no control over this process or the corresponding processing times.

9.2.2. Gifts ordered

Third-party recipients of gifts ordered on the site may only exchange the items via the procedure for return to the Site. Consequently, only the customer having purchased the gift may ask for a refund in the context of the right of withdrawal (insofar as it is only possible to recredit the bank account of the person having ordered the item).


10.1. Conformity 

BLANLAC will deliver an item to you that is consistent with the sale contract and free from any defects upon delivery, that will be fit for the use normally expected of a similar item and will present the characteristics outlined at the time of sale.

10.2. Latent defects

BLANLAC is also accountable for any defects resulting from packaging, assembly instructions or installation when this was assigned to it by the contract or was carried out under its responsibility.

In the event of a latent defect, you can choose to return the item and receive a refund for the price from the purchase. In all cases, it is your responsibility to prove that you fulfil the warranty conditions.

In the event of defects and/or latent defects, items should be returned to the following address:

BLANLAC, 106, Um Trenker, L-6962 Senningen Grand-Duché du Luxembourg


For questions or claims, Clients may contact BLANLAC by email at info(at)BLANLAC.com


BLANLAC shall not be held liable for being unable to fulfil its contractual obligations due to force majeure events, such as natural catastrophes, fire, internal or external strikes, internal or external system failures or more general external unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that prevent the proper execution of orders.


All content on the BLANLAC website is and shall remain the exclusive intellectual property of BLANLAC.

No individual is authorized to reproduce, exploit, redistribute or use for any reason, even partially, content from the website including software, visuals or sound.

The use of any hypertext link is strictly forbidden without BLANLAC’s express prior written agreement.

With regards to the online sale process, BLANLAC merely has a best-efforts obligation to provide the service. It shall not be held liable for any damage caused by the use of the internet such as data lost, hacking, virus, disrupted service or other issues beyond its control.


BLANLAC collects information about Clients, including through the use of cookies, and to share that information with third parties within the framework of the proper functioning of its operational activities.

In the exceptional case of unpaid or fraudulent means of payment, BLANLAC reserves the right to communicate all necessary data to the police, competent courts and recovery organisation.

You may review these conditions in full under the Privacy Policy section. For more information about personal information processing, you may contact BLANLAC by email at info(at)BLANLAC.com or at the following online form https://blanlac.com/contacts


BLANLAC will archive orders and invoices using a reliable and durable system to maintain copies.

BLANLAC’s electronic records shall be considered by the parties as proof of communication, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.


These Terms & Conditions of Sale for the BLANLAC website are subject to Luxembourgish law. In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction is assigned to the court of Luxembourg notwithstanding multiple respondents or third-party appeals.